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Hello there! I am Fabrice and this place is where you will find my Web Development Portfolio and soon some of my discoveries or experiments in Flash, Flex or Air.

What I do?

I am a Senior Web user experience specialist and front end Web and Flash Developer, building Websites, Flash applications and Flash websites.  My specialties evolve around Interaction Design, programming Flash with AS3 and building Flash Apps, Websites or widget that you can tweak and play with! but I also specialise in accessibility and standards compliant XHTML/CSS/Javascript development, User Experience and Information Architecture and I believe I also have good skills in graphic design.  I hold a Web Development degree (Canberra Institute of Technology) and am currently employed at DMG Radio (Nova, Vega, FiveAA) as a Senior Flash and Front-End Developer.
You can find out more about me professionally by visiting View Fabrice Million's LinkedIn profilemy linkedin profile

Freelance – Hire Me!

I am always actively looking for some freelance work. I can provide a broad range of Web-related services from concept to finish: Websites Design and Development, Flash Websites, Flash Application, CMS integration, just drop me a line so we can talk!

What else?

When I’m not doing all the above, I love spending time with my two small kids. And when I’m done I rush into my home studio where I also spend big chunks of what’s left of my nights making electronic music and experimenting with sound design. Tweaking knobs and pushing sliders to get the most crazy sounds out of my analogue gear is second nature to me.

I’m Social

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