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Home Sales

Home Sales

March 26, 2010

homesales.com.au is the place to buy and sell property online privately in Australia.  I was brought in as a contractor to build their Flash google map property locator and some extra interface widgets such as the “snake” navigation tool bar and photo galleries.

GCC 2009

GCC 2009

March 9, 2009

The Global Corporate Challenge® is a corporate health initiative developed specifically for the workplace. GCC2009 is live now, login as a guest!

Dreamfarm Store Locator

Dreamfarm is a funky Australian kitchenware company. Store locator mashup completed for ZOO-MA@D Communication. This mashup uses Google Maps API.  I used Javascript to build the Store Locator that pulls out data from a simple XML file. This store locator takes an address, country or zip code and also calculates the distance between your location […]

Armstrong Infinity Web Application

Armstrong provides you with the power to customise your floor and I know power. Check this really cool web application. Project built for VI.