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Classic Rock FM

Classic Rock FM

November 3, 2010

Launched in March 2010, Classic Rock FM is the only dedicated, pure Classic Rock stations servicing Sydney and Melbourne. I worked on the front end development of Classic Rock.



June 19, 2010

“Sounds different” Nova first went to air in April 2001 with a promise to ‘sound different’ and offering a unique and compelling low clutter environment for listeners and advertisers alike with never more than 2 ads in a row. I join the team to take care of the front end development of the brand new […]

1888 Productions

1888 Productions

April 6, 2009

Personal website and portfolio of friend and designer Hayden Peters. 100% HTML/CSS and JQuery goodness. Blog WordPress integration.

Dreamfarm Store Locator

Dreamfarm is a funky Australian kitchenware company. Store locator mashup completed for ZOO-MA@D Communication. This mashup uses Google Maps API.¬† I used Javascript to build the Store Locator that pulls out data from a simple XML file. This store locator takes an address, country or zip code and also calculates the distance between your location […]



March 7, 2009

Dreamfarm is a funky Australian kitchenware company. Web work completed for ZOO-MA@D Communication. I did the HTML/CSS markup on this one, and the flash banners as well…

Hilary Wardhaugh Photography

Website built for very talented photographer from Canberra. Project done for ZOO-MA@D Communication. It uses Slideshow pro and Director to display the photos. The rest is plain HTML/CSS and flashvars magic.

ZOO – MA@D Communication

Awesome website for the best communication agency in Canberra! ZOO-MA@D Communication. All HTML/CSS and Flash goodness for this website that changes style depending on what time it is. The galleries are fed with XML data. Bon app.

Fig Tree Point Aged Cared Facility

Plain HTML/CSS/JQUERY Freelance job for Fig Tree Point, an aged care facility center.

Bethel Aged Care Facility

Plain HTML/CSS/JQUERY. Freelance job for Bethel, an aged care facility center.